Thursday, February 3, 2011

Find Your Country Valentine!

It's Valentine month and we're making it a "sweetheart of a month" with a lot of fun, not to mention our Country Cupid game!  For those of you that have seen it before, it's back!  Also, we want to thank you for all of the kind comments.  We hope you are making the most of CSO and emailing as many members as you can.  We want YOU to be our next success story!

The latest....We just had a new member write in to us that they wanted to join as their neighbor was a past member and found his wife through CSO!  We feel very honored to have matched so many Cowboys and Country girls throughout the years.

Country Cupid....This is what it's about...

We are looking for a male age 18 and over that thinks he has what it takes to be our featured Wrangler.  Once the Wranger has been chosen, we select 5 contestants who we call the Wranglerettes.  Once the Wrangler and Wranglerettes are posted, the CSO viewers then choose their favorite match from the 5 contestants that they think would make the best match for our Wrangler by using our Poll.  The contestant with the most votes is the winner.  It's all in fun and the Wrangler and Wranglerette don't have to date, but each will get a free membership on CSO! If you are interested in being the Wranger or one of our Wranglerettes, please click here We hope you will join in on the fun!!  Get your applications in now!  It all starts Valentine's Day, February 14th!

We want to wish you all a very romantic Valentine Month with a Country twist!!  Hope to see you on the trail!

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