Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Christmas Wish

As I was putting up our Christmas tree, I thought of our newest success story on CSO that was sent in from Cowgirl728 and Farmerat6008. They are planning their wedding for October 2010. I thought of the new life they are about to venture in together. It made me want to look back at some of the success stories CSO has had in the past.

One of my favorites is from "AussieCowboy and Dusty4U". Dusty4U was a beautiful blonde, 40 something year old. She was one of our models that we used for various CSO pages. She notified us that she had met a wonderful man on CSO from Australia, who owned a ranch in the beauty of the Australian outback. It was the man of her dreams, and she felt that she had truly found her knight in shining armor. They sent fabulous photos of their outdoor wedding that took place on their Australian ranch.

Another favorite happy ending was from "Legend", a woman from Washington State. She had been on CSO for a few years and was enjoying meeting not only cowboys on our site, but be-friending cowgirls also. She had made a lot of friends. There was a man whom she had dated in the past who had disappeared in her life, but she longed to find him again. Guess what? He happened to be browsing CSO and found her profile. He joined and contacted her and they were so overjoyed to have found one another again. Who would have thought after all of these years they would have found one another again? They began dating and started over from where they had left off. They contacted us with their wedding date.

We hope with this holiday season, you will find that someone in your life that you have been searching for. Whether it be that significant other, or just a friend to share your life with. We have always felt CSO was a place where people could come and feel comfortable meeting others. We have strived to keep our site country, wholesome and a place that you can feel that you can come, kick off your boots and call it your country home.

We want you to receive the wish that comes from your heart this Christmas Season! Merry Christmas everyone! See you on the trail!